A building that acts as a giant firewall,a secret city centre canyon,a statue that cures warts, ultra-modern designer toilets, an extraordinary tree that helps you quit smoking, an electronic sunflower, a spectacular modern temple hidden in the heart of Shinjuku, a street that gives Tokyo taxi drivers nightmares, a massive building that looks like a warship, forgotten rivers …

Far from the crowds and the usual clichés, Tokyo swings between modernity and tradition, preservation of its heritage, sophisticated aestheticism and eccentricity, offering countless off beat experiences. The Japanese capital is home to any number of well-hidden treasures that are revealed only to residents and travellers who find their way off the beaten track.

An indispensable guide for those who thought they knew Tokyo well or would like to discover the other face of the city.


Pierre Mustière was born in France in 1976, but has lived in Tokyo since 1998. He has a keen interest in the city’s history and is always curious to learn more about it. At weekends he often wanders around little-known corners of the Japanese capital in search of a forgotten bridge, an obscure alley, or a hidden shrine or garden, to discover (or rediscover) parts of this metropolis that he thought he knew. Although working in a completely different field in his day job, for his own pleasure he has qualified as a National Guide-Interpreter (通訳案内士) and is also licensed as a Tokyo City Guide (東京シティガイド). 

Yoko Kera (良 曜 子 子) comes from the island of Sado in the Sea of Japan. She moved to the capital to study at the prestigious University of Tokyo (Todai), and is more interested in the city’s hipper sites and the latest international influences than in its past. 

Pierre and Yoko are married and have one daughter.


AUTHORS: Pierre Mustière & Yoko Kera
PAGES: 304
FORMAT: 10.5 x 19 cm
ISBN: 978-2-36195-115-3
PRICE: 17,90 € –  US$ 19.95 – £13.99